Cool Recycled Metal DIY Fence

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A DIY fence like you have never seen before. You gotta go to Carrboro in NC to see this beauty. Artistic and practical.

Fences serve as a barrier between your house and the next one, as well as the street.   A fence is useful for privacy as well as safety.

But a fence also can be a significant design element that elevates your home from ordinary to stand-out greatness.  DIY fence design styles range from classic, to modern minimalist, to rural and simple, to eclectic, bohemian and artsy.  Pick the style that suits your taste as well as the style of your home.


Cool Recycled Metal DIY Fence

recycled fence

This particularly cool, recycled DIY fence does not come with a manual, however, there are however plenty of YouTube tutorials on fence making from which to borrow the design ideas needed to pull this one off on your own.

Start collecting’ ‘stuff’ would be step #1.

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DIY Fence Making Instructions

how to build a fence
I thought to give you some tips and hints on how to make fences, however, these folks at the lumberyard ( really know best. Let them advise you. Here are their hips and hints on how to make a really good fence – or rather, they are good step-by-step how-to instructions:
1. Space the fence posts,
2. Set the fence posts, and
3. Add rails to the posts ~ exactly what you’ll need to make the fence above.

Not for beginners, but not that hard either.

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