DIY Fathersday Gift: Silhouette ‘I love Dad’ Photo

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Hey kids with digital dads! Here’s a wonderful way to surprise your dada at Fathersday next weekend. Give him your own personalized photo like this as his new computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad or android background.  How’s that for a stunner that’s so easy, fast to do and costs nothing?! Moms will love it too, as it can be a little, personalized gift from all the kids in the family together. Group photo.

Beyond digital backgrounds, you can also use this photo to create tons of personalized fathers day gifts. Here are some ideas for you: men bathroom toiletry bag, side table, book cover, kindle cover, desk folder, garment bag, etc.

Ditigal Photo Transfer Techniques

We features several photo transfer techniques on the blog. E.g. Here’s how to transfer photos onto wood to make a wooden wall hanging out of it, or to cover a side table or anything wooden with the photo. And here’s how to create super-cute pillow with photo transfers. Both are step-by-step tutorials with illustrations. The last technique uses iron-on transfers, and shows you how to distress these. For another method, here’s how to create personalized bags using Inkodye. All these photo transfer techniques give fun and beautiful results.

DIY Fathersday Gift 2016 ::

How to MAKE your own Fathers Day Photo

  • 1. Take an old magazine. With Scotts tape, tape 8 individual pages or 4 double folds together.
  • 2. With a marker, write out the letters  ‘I love Dad’, ‘I heart Dad’, ‘ We love Daddy’ – as you please. Perhaps you have a nickname for your dad. If so, use that instead. The more personal the better it is.
  • 3. Now, before you start cutting out the letters, make little ridges for those letters which go all around a center piece, such as the A B, D, E, G, etc…

    Then, when you cut, leave those ridges which connect the letter core and the outside field around the letters attached to each other. Look at how we did the DAD. You can see tiny pieces of paper in the letter shapes, cant’ you?

  • 4. Tape your board on a stick and go find a sunny spot in the garden. Hold your sign and have mom take a picture of your silhouette and your sign in the shadow.
  • 5. In Photoshop, Picmonkey, whatever you use, exaggerate the contrast a bit (or a lot), so that your sign stands out better.
  • 6. Save the file, and on Fathersday morning, upload the file onto his computer or android and set it as his background image. He’ll be up for a nightmare if you accidentally erase his files in the process. So if you are too young for this, let your mom do this. However, if you’re a teen, you probably know more about your dad’s phone than he does himself, so go right ahead and get it organized. Be careful and respectful of his affairs, though. Phones and computers are personal. Particularly of your parents.

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