DIY Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fireplace

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:: DIY Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fireplace ::

I was all warming up to the idea of a nice outdoor wood-burning fireplace on the porch of in our next home, or as it popular here, I was even considering an outdoor pizza oven, nearby the house, in the garden.

DIY eco-friendly firepit

How to make an eco fuel fireplace – Michelle explains

Then comes architect Michelle Kaufmann again whispering in my ear….
Pssst! If all you want is a feature for your entertainment area, and to burn some wood for heat and ambiance, I have a low cost, eco-friendly solution for you, that looks stunning and is super easy to create. And she’s right of course.

How to DIY Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fireplace

OK. Not a fireplace but a fire pit. And no wood either, but I get to keep the warmth and the pretty flames, at least….
And that is probably enough for most entertainment occasions and parties.

Michelle did not just whisper the idea in my ear, she actually made a complete tutorial for me, for us.

Please find her tutorial below that shows us how to make a beautiful Eco outdoor fire, to enjoy the beauty and the warmth of an outdoor fire, without the guilt of adding to air pollution.
That green architect just rocks!

How to make your firepit eco-friendly?

eco-friendly DIY firepit

The secret to your outdoor firepit becoming environmentally friendly, says architect Michelle Kauffman in the video, is to use eco-fuel. You can use it on your deck, porch or in the garden.

Eco-fuel costs way less than big fire logs and come without the harmful effect on the environment. Most wood-burning devices emit particulates at a rate of 20-60 g / hour.

Materials needed to make your own firepit

What you need is a large container, such as a metal, ceramic or glass box. Eg. a set of 2 zinc planters seem perfect for the job. Fill the other one with a nice plant for contrast, or transform it into a matching serving table. zinc planter #learn more or purchase on Amazon.

A fill of pretty river stones, or recycled tumbled glass or other inflammatory material. Depending on how smart you buy, you can get 12  2lb-bags of pretty mixed colored river rocks for $18 from Amazon. Pretty inexpensive (Tip: read the fine print of the various vendors: some make you pay $10 for a mere 2 lbs bag from other vendors).

What is Eco Fuel?

What is Michelle talking about? This is what she’s talking about: Eco-Friendly Granulated Charcoal Briquettes. #ad

There are many different types on the market. Environmentally-clean: that’s what you are looking for. The particular fuel that Michelle mentioned is made from natural sugar cane alcohol. It’s a jellied cooking and warming fuel may be used indoors for chafing dishes, buffets, or fondues, as well as outdoors, in your yard or when camping. Simply open the can, light the contents, and place the can under a chafing dish. May be re-lit. Smokeless, non-toxic, and burns odor-free. However, I can no longer find that oil. But I did find compatible briquettes which seem to be equally well received in the market (nearly a 5 out of 5).

Step-by-Step Instructions

on how to make an outdoor fireplace like this:

1. Place your firepit in a featured location, with seating around it.

2. Fill your firepit container with pretty, non-combustable material, such as stones or glass beads.

3. Place 2 or 3 bio-fuel cans near the top and hide them with some stones.

4. When your arrangement is done, light the cans with a lighter.

Keep away from anything flammable.

The Video

video:, by Michelle Kaufmann, environmental architect

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