Make your own re-fillable Easter eggs for scavenger hunt

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Easter eggs scavenger hunt! Easter isn’t the same without it. So much work always, isn’t it, moms?! So, how about spending some time this morning to do some fun Easter crafts with the kids and prep yourself for the big hunt event on the day.

Easter eggs kinder

We’ve rallied up all the plastic Kinder toy eggs and decorated them. Don’t they look fantastic?!

This craft is so easy. Just stick on some foam stickers and pop them all in a Easter egg basket. On some, we’ve glued on beads as well, and others we wrapped gingham fabric ribbons. But that’s it.  It was a fun half hour with hot chocolate.


Now all we have to do on Easter Sunday morning (or really, Saturday eve!) is pop in some tiny treats and toys, and we’ll hide the eggs.  I have been prepping tiny Easter-gifts: stickers, pink beads + elastic band for a DiY bracelet, cute little pink erasers, pink hair bands & hair clips, and other such amazingly tiny toys that makes a young girl’s heart happy.  Plus, I have some fantastic filled chocolate eggs, which will be filling up the rest of the plastic Kinder eggs.

I think this year her scavenger hint will be fun-fabulous, and for once, pink enough!


Happy pink-elicious Easter Friday!

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