Linen Pillows – Easy Sewing Pattern

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Linen Pillows Easy Sewing Pattern

Linen Pillows Easy Sewing Pattern


Photo by The Concrete Cottage


Linen Pillows Materials

2 cloth napkins with words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Thanks’.

(Or use 2 pieces of this fabric and stitch along the edges with a black thread.)

thread and needle / sewing machine

Down feather pillow insert

Linen Pillows Sewing Instructions

  1. Put the two napkins with the wrong sides together
  2. Stitch along the edge, to ensure the napkins own edges are showing
  3. When 4/5 through the stitching, insert the feather pillow insert.
  4. Close the pillow. Put it on the sofa. Give it a punch. Smile!
  5. Make 2, one to give away, as really, you’d want this for yourself, right?!


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