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I promised last party that I’d show off those party visitors who leave comments and visit others in the party. Today is the day. I’d like to showcase two people who frequent our party who actively go out of their way to visit others, and their expertise in crafts & DIY design.

Want to be featured also? Do as they do and follow others in our parties and leave us a comment with whom you have visited.

1. How to: Natural Book Bindinghowto_bookbinding

by Terry Wong.

If you haven’t visited Terry’ s blog yet, you must. Particularly if you love natural and artistic use of textile and yarn. You will be in for a delight! Her work is stunningly beautiful, and ranges from naturally dyed silk scarves, to nori felted arm warmers to lots of nature- embellished hand-bound books. All refined and special. She shows us a tutorial with many pictures on how to make this hand-dyed and hand-bound book.

Do visit Terrie’s blog!

3.  DIY Decorative FALL Blocks

Fall decorative blocks

by Kelsey who writes at ‘Kai Te Hetera’ (Greek for etc.).

She tells the tale of how to scrapbook these delightful, but DIY letter blocks. Simple and sweet. Make your own words, use her method. Check it out.


As you know, I visit each and every one of you who join me here at the party. So I know all of your fabulous ideas submitted, beyond the two projects mentioned above. So let me feature another 6 here, that I think are worthy of you visit also.

1. Hexagon Star Quilt Pattern

pin cushion free quilting pattern

by Sew Well Maide

2.Winter Wreath – How-to

by Made in a Day

3. Linen Pillows – Super-easy Sewing Pattern


by The Concrete Cottage (


2 cloth napkins with words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Thanks’.

(Or use 2 pieces of this fabric and stitch along the edges with a black thread.)

thread and needle / sewing machine

Down feather pillow insert

How to Instructions

  1. Put the two napkins with the wrong sides together
  2. Stitch along the edge, to ensure the napkins own edges are showing
  3. When 4/5 through the stitching, insert the feather pillow insert.
  4. Close the pillow. Put it on the sofa. Give it a punch. Smile!
  5. Make 2, one to give away, as really, you’d want this for yourself, right?!

4. Mail Messenger Bag, Crochet – Burlap

messenger bag crochet patterns burlap -Featured at Crystelle Boutique

5. Chunky Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern


by Give-that-Girl-a Cola

6. Sourdough Bread + Starter Recipes

sourdough bread recipe

by Half-baked Harvest


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