DIY Craft Tutorials Party #32

Sewing Patterns

Hi all. I am glad to have some of you come back to our weekly DIY Craft Tutorial Linky party. I love seeing everyone’s ideas and learning a few tips and tricks of the trade of creative artisans.


from Party 31 (+ a last minute contributor to Party 30)

2. Anthropologie- Inspired Asymmetical Fabric Necklace by Silly Pearl

Yes, I know. I featured her earrings last week. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. She’s an innovative designer :-)

2. I just Love this seaglass wreath made by 2 and Thru (no longer a life blog)

It is one of the best craft tutorials we received in party 31. As it was submitted really late, it  missed the deadline of being Featured last week. However, it’s so great, I wish to highlight it.

1. Anthro Inspired  Earrings by Of Pinks & Fairytales


Some creators of ‘a la anthropologie’ are just better than the real thing…. here’s another great design, and when you read the tutorial, you realize this is unbelievably easy, even though they don’t look so easy to make

2. Easter Egg Decor by Two Succulent Sisters

easter eggs decorations
All about Easter, something different than a wreath, not too girly, not too modern, just friendly, homey and fun. I love it.

Well done, sista!!

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My DIY, Home Decor & Craft Party Contribution

This light-weight bag is just perfect for Spring. Super cute, breezy. Very Anthropologie-esque indeed.


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