DIY Craft Wednesday Linky Party #30

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After several weeks of ‘No linkies’ I have to confess that I miss them. So, while my prior linky shop is sorting out its pricing schedule for DIY blogs, in the meanwhile, we’ll use this text-based linky tool.  No tell-tale picture to entice us in, so hopefully you get creative in your titling and everyone will still follow.


I LOVE TO be inspired by what you have been working on, and learn from you, again.  Linky parties are a great way to sharing new techniques, templates and tutorials, to give us all a break on figuring out intricate details and to get things done faster… and definitely cuter. That’s definitely the aim of this blog, overall. THAT, and making the world a bit more eco-friendly.



So, everyone, promote your blog below! Let us know how you did what you did, and we’ll reward you with more traffic and further write-ups if you love your project so much that we’ll feature you also.




Nah, just common sense: link back to this blog, visit others, leave comments, and have fun sharing your DIY, CRAFT AND ART tutorials below. No sales; just tutorials.

DIY Tutorial

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My DIY, Home Decor & Craft Party Contribution

H ow about a St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Shamrock Stamp? Made 100% with recyclables and absolutely great for the day, and useful year-round!







Your DIY, Home Decor & Craft Party Contribution

We love to hear from you!. Best ideas/tutorials will be featured on the blog next week or soon after.

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