DIY Cardboard Picture Frames w Embossing

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These DIY cardboard picture frames with lovely embossed texture were made using the ideas and craft techniques from the first craft book on the list in our post ‘summer craft books for kids’: Complete Book of Art Ideas. We referenced several craft techniques from this cool kids craft book: DIY Cereal box glue art picture frame, and 2. painted picture frame, and combined these into one beautiful picture frame.

DIY Cardboard Picture Frames :: cool crafts for kids :: embossing with glue ::


DIY Cardboard Picture Frame

This  very cute picture frame is crafted from a panel of an recycled cereal box. I actually make this with my girl, but it sure brought out the child out in me! I loved how it came out


Step-by-step Tutorial

  1. First cut the panel to the size of picture frame that you’d like to make.
  2. Then, cut a picture window out of it that matches the size/shape of the photo you wish to display. Make the window slightly smaller than your actual photo size, so that the edges are nicely tucked behind the window frame.
  3. >DIY Cardboard Picture Frames :: cool crafts for kids :: embossing with glue :: FineCraftGuild.comHave fun with white school glue (or white craft glue, Mod Pod, etc.) and apply it onto the cardboard. I made polka dots. Make any kind of shapes and designs you like. The girl with me made different designs, which I will show off when we have finished our works of arts.
    When we were working on it, the lines were white. Then we let our craft frames dry overnight, during which the glue turned clear. Where there is glue, there is now a raised dot (or line or shape…) . That’s what we are after. 

    Paint the frames in a solid background color. Wait for it to dry. Then, leave it as it, to show off the embossing. Or go for optional further embellishments of your picture frame. E.g. I can envision adding  fun and happy little pink, white and yellow flowers. 

  4. Optional: Add a layer of glue on top if you want a shiny finish to your frame. Let it dry.
  5. Attach a picture to the back of your frame. To hang it up, glue on a magnet to the back or cut / attach a second layer of recycled cardboard at the back and add a picture frame stick-on hook.

Tips & Notes:

The craft project actually asked for gold acrylic paint, which I politely ignored and went over my dried glue design with an interesting black-blue, using simple kids paint (Here’s an amazing deal for tempera paint.


credit: the kid in photo is not mine, but’s.

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