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DIY Cake Stand with Dome  :: Anthropologie-copycatA DIY cake stand with dome is perfect for displaying chocolates, cakes or afternoon tea. Give your baked creations the presentation they deserve. A cake dome set is great for presenting in formal settings, special occasions and family gatherings. The dome helps preserve your cakes while adding loads of style and class.

So, let’s make a mini cake platter + cake dome! Or better: … make a couple!


Really it’s so simple. Scour some cute (vintage) bowls ‘n’ plates. Dig the e6000 glue out of the drawer. Get a knob. Play!! Make your own version of an Anthropologie-worthy mini cake stand. Or cake dome as they are sometimes called.

anthropologie-like DIY Cake Stand with Dome  ::

Which mini cake stand do I like best?

Maybe it’s my current love for obsession with pale blues, but I like the colors and the patterns of Nellie’s version more than the 10x as expensive Anthropologie version. Although I still prefer Anthropologie’s shape. But I guess, by looking around a bit, you can find yourself a bowl that’s a tat more bell-shaped. Nellie’s fun, stacked, glued-on door knob beads make up rounds off the shape of her mini cake stand, making it into a winner! Love it!

DIY Cake Stand with Dome

Two considerations: begin with the end in mind. The smaller the cake stand+dome, the more suitable the set is for individual treats or cookies. So, you might need to make a couple of cake stand sets for a complete table setting. Or, if you prefer using your set for refined afternoon teas, you might go for a set that’s larger.

The second consideration I have is: how washable will your set be. This will depend on the glue you’ll use as well as on the surface quality of the rims that are attached to each other. Your bowls and glue must both be dishwasher safe in order to use it into the dishwasher. So, planning the details will save you headaches later on.

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