DIY Butter Mold ~ Peace

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Pleased with this DIY Butter Mold – Peace idea * Over my Christmas dinner, I was reminded again on how Italy celebrates numerous types and qualities of butter. Hundreds of tiny villages are all so proud (and are famous for) their local produce. So, as I am learning that we are living indeed in butter heaven, I realise that the local farmers alas do not have lots of contemporary presentation skills for their prized produce.

Here’s where my blogging buddies with creativity and butter presentation skills that are second-to-none come could to the rescue! If only they would speak Italian.

diy butter mold

DIY Butter Mold

butter mold

With Vanessa’s wonderful DIY butter mold tutorial, I can have the best of both: good butter, wonderfully presented. Let’s learning this fabuloso method of how-to make your own customizable butter mold.

Because, I’d like to spread ‘peace’ onto my homemade bread every day. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful daily ritual? Love it!

photo credit * | get the tutorial: Crafts Unleashed (

* modified by Fine Craft Guild .com

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