DIY – How to Make Your Own Burlap Bedroom Rug from a Recycled Grain Sack


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Coffee bags and other burlap products have been recycled in just about anything. I’ve seen Victorian chairs and poofs upholstered with them. They’ve been made into anything from Easter bunnies to Christmas tree ornaments, and most of all, been transformed into other kinds of bags. 

However, today’s burlap idea is way easier: transform your bag into a fun bedroom rug. Just like Irina Nunez from ‘Creative Babies’ did. And if you want to make it easiest, cut out the hunt for burlap bags, and purchase a stretch of inexpensive Burlap Fabric, which you can stencil later to your liking.

Howto Make Your Own Burlap Bedroom Rug

1. Wash your bag in cold water. Use fabric softener. Iron bag when nearly dry. Measure the circumference of your rug.

2. In contrast colored fabric, cut a 3” strip. Pin fabric onto bag and sew a 1.25 “ hem all around.

3. Iron edges for a flat finish.

diy bedroom burlap rug

Made by: Creative Babies

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