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Oh, today I have something that will inspire you all. Imagine, just imagine, that you’ll have enough storage space for all your craft projects in your living room and have the best light coming over from your shoulder as you are finishing that quilt or crochet project?!   Oh may, … and have enough seating to host a craft party as too?!! Dream come true, right?!

The wonderfully talented Kaylin & Dana  from InspiredWives are treating us this free DIY built-in bench project with AutoCAD plan and detailed tutorial and all. I am so happy to show it to you today.

As you know I love benches and there are a ton of DIY benches already featured here at the Fine Craft Guild. But none to them is as large as this bench. I just love how this bench lightens the corner and makes it a place to be.  The tops are mahogany-colored, so they perfectly blend with the wooden window sills and the parquet. Furthermore, the benches’ height anchors the gorgeous glass-in-led windows. If that was not all, these built-in benches hide the bla- heater in the corner.

So I consider this DIY Bench project an all-around winner. An absolute 10 out of 10.


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I know you want to know how it’s made. The InspiredWives spill all the beans, but let me give you my 1,2,3 quicky tutorial for this bench:

1. Create 2 boxes of equal height that, with cushions, will be the perfect height to sit on.

2. Create a 3rd box that’s higher and that hides the heater to become a corner table.  While the sides of the benches should be solid, the sides of the corner table should be as ‘open’ as it gets to allow the heat to come through.

3. For the top of the benches use hinges, so they can lift open and you can store TONS of craft materials (and sofa throws) in there.

One secret I haven’t told you is that I used to have these benches as a kid in my bedroom. My dad made my bed high up in the air and below it, he had a fold-away desk and those storage benches. Oh, love, love, love… My sweet daddy. He was such a handy man. Still alive but he now needs a hand once and a while to live. Anyhow, my dad is a topic for another day. He’s still every bit as wonderful as ever!

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