Make your own unique DIY Bookmarks with beads & jewels

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DIY bookmarks are so innocent creative projects that can be made in stolen moments. They make great gifts to loved ones, particularly grandparents and other avid readers. They take that treasured moment of actually having/taking the time to read a book, to the next level. They make it special.

As well, I love having a treasured one or two bejeweled DIY bookmarks (in books) on my nightstand. It makes for an elegant look and is also a reminder to put that computer / phone away and read a little instead. In a real book.

DIY Bookmarks from Templates? — We can do better…

There are many bookmark templates around, however, what for? It’s ultimately easy to use your own creative energy to come up with a design.

Make your own unique bookmarks

Start time, and let ideas build up. I find that I typically end up with a set of 4-7 bookmarks. And it’s great to give them as a set to one person, so that they all belong together.

Pick a theme for your DIY bookmarks


Who needs that many DIY bookmarks? Well, anyone who uses an actual cookbook knows how handy they are! I personally have loads of bookmarks in all my cookbooks. With that use in mind, why not create a foodie-themed set of bookmarks.

Last but not least, there is the book of books. And for many, Christmas is the time of year that that book actually comes out. For those who are spiritual, how about a Christian-inspired bookmark.

Step-by-Step Instructions

diy bookmarks

1. Measure the length of your book, and add a few inches. This is how long your bejewelled bookmark should be. You want it to show on top, and hang out at the bottom.
1. Collect materials for a beaded bookmark: string, strip of leather, yarn or jewelery wire covered in fabric; pretty beads; plus tools to attach beads to the thread.
2. String them together, creating a long beaded jewel for the book bottom end, and a tiny beaded end-jewel to be topping out of the closed book.


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