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This fun and romantic fairy kids DIY bedroom lighting is another way to .. recycle! Give your old Christmas lights a new use; recycle some plastic party drinking cups; delve into your stash of fabric remnants. Add a bit of fresh glue and you have all you will need to make these gorgeous bedroom lamps.

DIY bedroom lighting - bedroom lamps

How-to make this DIY bedroom lighting

  1. Make a Pattern: Roll a cup onto a sheet of paper and trace its track. This way the ‘rectangular’ piece of fabric will get the right curve.
  2. Glue fabric onto clean clear plastic cups.
  3. Cut a slit into the bottom of the cup and insert a fairy Christmas light.
  4. Do this will all the fairy lights in the string. Then: hang up, plug in and enjoy.

DIY bedroom lighting – materials needed

1. Beautiful coordinating fabrics, that matches the kids furniture in your child’s bedroom. If you have no quilt fabric stash to delve into, be certain to check out these beautiful quilting fabrics you can buy. They are really nice, and you can use the remainder of the fabric to make quilted pillows, a bed spread, storage bags and other items to match.

2. Strand of clear Christmas lights

3. Recycled Plastic Cups, cleaned.

4. White paper, pencil (to make pattern)

5. Scissors

6. Glue

Ideas for fairy lighting – lampshade variations

I thought to add a few tips to make your fairy lights the fanciest kids furniture. I hope these suggestions will trigger your own best ideas:

1. Add a ribbon. There are some amazing ribbons on the market, such as this darling leaf ribbon.

2. Go all white: start with white linen fabric, and add texture to your lamps shades with white ribbons: e.g. shiney satin, flower strings or ruffle ribbons.

Other Lamps & Lighting Ideas

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top image credit & more info: diy ljusslinga med lampskarmar (Swedish language blog)

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