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Happy Monday! Time for a gorgeous home decorating DIY by Tammy Henderson. Tammy is sharing some more of her DIY Beach Decor Ideas today. She makes it really easy for us to see how to create stunning summer decorations with some recycled vases, seashells and nautical fishing net. Let your creativity roar and enjoy the beach feel in your home with this summer beach table centerpiece.

Over to Tammy.

DIY Beach Decor Ideas ::diy home vignettes tammy henderson

DIY Beach Decor Ideas

DIY Beach Decor Ideas :: how to decorate with seashells, netting and driftwood to make a great DIY summer centerpiece ::

Hi, Last week I shared my DIY Seashell Centerpiece with Capiz shells, sand and glass.

This week I would like to bring you part 2 of my seashell summer centerpieces.

I will show you how to use fishing net in three different ways. You will be able to do this project with only one package of netting, 3 cylinder vases, seashells and mother of pearl filler.

Materials Needed for this DIY Seashell Centerpiece

shell decor netting

With one package of fishing net from the dollar tree, I was able to design 3 cylinder seashell-filled vases. I found the vases also at the Dollar tree. So other than the fillers and seashells, this vignette would only cost you around 3 dollars, provided you have seashells and filler on hand. Or shop online for nautical fishing net #ad.

How to Use Fishing Net in Decorating

DIY Beach Decor Ideas :: how to decorate with seashells, netting and driftwood to make a great DIY summer centerpiece ::

To decorate the first vase:

Cut enough off to go around what ever size cylinder or vase you may have

Take and fold your fish netting in half to find the center of the net.

Open it up and wrap it around the top of your cylinder vase bringing it forward.

Crisscross your netting and take it to the back of your vase and repeat the crisscross.

Bring it around to the front and tie it off in a knot.

For the decoration of the second vase:

Open up your netting.

Wrap it around the vase.

Knot the ends.


DIY Beach Decor Ideas :: Seashells fishing net candles glass ::

For the last vase:

The net was left unopened and just wrapped around tied in a knot. The two ends were knotted as well.

Here are the three vases filled with seashells, pebbles and a candle, and wrapped with the fish netting.  the look great together.

Fishing Net Beach Decor Ideas – side by side

centerpiece of trio of seashell-filled vases with fishing nets ::

Something still missing? Mmmm…, yes. A few pieces of driftwood were added to complete this summer beach vignette.

There you have your beautiful summer beach décor vignette.

If you want more DIY Beach Decor Ideas, leave me a comment below!
Xo Tammy

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diy home vignettes tammy henderson

About Tammy

Tammy enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’. To her, ‘left-overs’ have a purpose. She has an urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel. And she does so, creatively, beautifully and naturally. Her works shows her love for decorating.

Tammy is the living proof that decoration with what you have | recycled materials, plus maybe a small budget for craft supplies, can create beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

Tammy used to own a retail scrapbooking business and her blog is that ‘One More Time’ love affair with the creative world. While her emphasis at ‘One More Time’ blog is on decorating, at the FineCraftGuild she shares her how-to’s and gives us more than a little peak on how things are put together. And yes, all of these beautiful photos above are all hers!


Tammy’s articles are part of a series of how-to create great seasonal home decorations on a small budget. Here are some of her prior articles:

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First published June 30, 2014. Updated 2024.

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