DIY 4th of July Earrings

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Oh, I can’t believe I haven’t shown you yet, I have been wearing my DIY 4th of July earrings all week already, in anticipation of this wonderful American holiday that is quintessential summer fun.  Like my handmade 4th-of-July earrings?

I think they match my shirt for the day just fabulously.

4th of July earrings

How to DIY 4th of July Earrings

Here is a list of jewellery making supplies you’ll need and a  mini-tutorial for you. It was a really easy jewellery making project for me:

1. I found these great American coin charms on the local market so I bought a pack. There are literally 00’s of options for coin charms on Amazon. Have a look.

If you prefer to work with some real quarters, maybe some vintage ones with significant meaning for you, you can also buy these to make this project work for you: 25 cent / USA QUARTER Coin Holder~ for charm, necklace, pendant, display (Pack of 4) (learn more on Amazon)

2.  Next you need 2 Earring ear wires  (These are hypoallergenic silver-plated (get on Amazon) and some silver-plated jump rings (get on Amazon)
… All inexpensive!

3.  The matching coin embellishments were FREE: One earring features a glue-on jewel from an old scrapbooking set. The other is a single star, from a bit of left-over Christmas table confetti that I bought years ago at Ikea.

Use what YOU have laying around that’s a match. If you have tiny bits of red and blue strings, consider adding tiny bows.. That will sure be adorable.

Or get this Americana ribbon set, which makes for adorable 4th of July party decorations, of all kinds!!

4. In my jar of single beads, I found an ‘almost’ matching set of blue and red ceramic beads.  Just use the red/blue beads you already have.

5. Now…. putting it all together…

HOW-TO Make These Fabulous  Fourth of July Earrings

DIY 4th of July Earrings
DIY 4th of July Earrings

I strung the red / blue beads on the pins and curled the ends to make a loop and I attached a ring. Open the rings in the earing hoops and hang both the coins and the beads on the earring hoops.  With your jewelry-making tools, gently squeeze to close the loops, to keep your ‘jewels’ in position. Voila, you have yourself a very happy 4th of July set of earrings too!

And if I would be not so shy to show my (pretty) face (girl in logo).  I would show you how fabulous they look on!  So, let me tell you, they look fabulous. I got compliments on them already.

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