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Initially I classified this as a free diaper bag pattern. Big enough to be that, but it sure is beautiful enough to be an office bag to take to town.

May I show you this gorgeous, smooth handbag design by real sewing artist: Rebeka Lambert. Her bag is called the Phoebe bag. Looking at it, you can see Rebeka is a pro. With her professional sewing patterns with multi-page sewing instructions, anyone who can sew could create one just like it. And did I mention to you yet, that this is a free bag pattern?

Phoebe free bag sewing pattern

free diaper bag pattern

:: Diaper Bag Pattern Details ::


  • Smooth round corner.
  • Simple natural construction.
  • Easy closure.
  • Centered fabric pattern makes this bag stunning.
  • Perfect height to width ratio to be a flattering bag to many body shapes.

phoebe free diaper bag sewing pattern

Pictures, pattern and design: Rebeka Lambert

Choose Your Fabric (and Learn how to sew)

What sets this bag apart more than any features is its fantastic choice of fabric. Here at Craftsy you can find gorgeous fabric by the yard as well as some free sewing classes, so you learn how to make this back, even if you are a complete novice.

Online Sewing Class free diaper bag sewing pattern fabric suggestion
Antler Damsak
is a good choice, but check out all Craftsy’s Gorgeous Fabric by the Yard; lots on sale today!

:: Your Free Sewing Pattern ::

Very clear instructions I might say, and it’s amazing that you’ll get this today for free. For your free diaper bag sewing pattern: Phoebe download. (Note that Rebeka’s other beautiful bag patterns are $8 each. )

:: Free Bag Designs ::

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