Get this easy, trendy Peter Pan Detachable Crochet Collar Pattern!

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Peter Pan Detachable Crochet Collar Pattern |. Been looking for a trendy Peter Pan detachable crochet collar pattern? They have become quite the fashion lately. This simple ‘Peter Pan’ style crochet collar pattern gets you walk around in style and trend in no time. It only takes about an hour, start to finish to crochet this.

This hand- crochet peter pan collar necklace is designed and made by yours truly. The rope tie at the neck is for kicks and drama. You can replace it with a pearl button if you wish.  Get the pattern below.

Because… a pretty handmade crochet collar add a touch of fine French elegance and a sense of classic femininity to any outfit.  You can pair your crochet collar with bold print dresses, a striped sailor top over faded skinny jeans, or over a classic mohair jumper. It always works. 

romantic crochet collar pattern | Peter Pan Detachable Crochet Collar Pattern

Here’s the preppy collar –version.

Simple Romantic Crochet Collar Pattern

Spruce up a simple dress. I picked this print dress up at a market in Paris. It had looked nice on the hanger, but when I tried it on, something was missing.  Now I know what it was:  my collar!

peter pan crochet collar

Embellish your Collar

It’s easy to add litle wicked doodles and details to make yoru peter pan collar unique and bespoke to you, and your outfits.

collar with roses

Add some tulle roses if you wish.   Looks a bit messy here in this close-up photo, but it looked fine when I had it on…

Change the look of your Crochet Collar

Some crazy beads could work fine too if you plan to wear this with a modern print top. Here’s an idea of what that could look like.

Romantic Collar Crochet Pattern with Beads
Romantic Collar Crochet Pattern with Beads

If you want me to design some crochet mini-roses or something to go with the pattern, let me know and I’ll add those. That’s another kind of style that could be quite lovely.

Collar Size

I am showing this adult size and as a grown-up ideas. This collar will also fit teens and tweens. If you reduce a few stitches, the collar would fit a primary school girl.

Ready to make a Romantic Crochet Collar?

This pattern was free in 2019 in exchange, for a pattern rating and link of your projects at Ravelry. Enjoy the pattern!

And, if you like my design or have a question about the pattern, drop me a line in the comments section below.

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