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Remember how last summer I promised to give you more pictures from Lafayette and other great designer warehouses in the big capital of Europe, i.e.. Paris???



Well, my fashion pictures did not turn out ‘that great’ so I didn’t post them. However, times goes on and new discoveries are made. I just went fashion shopping in Rome and guess what, they had the same designer that I was previously in love with in Paris….



Then, I researched this fashion design brand online and realize that the head-office is actually in Barcelona, Spain. Actually, that explains a lot, as the style most definitely has loads of personal temperament. It’s casual, but mostly hip.


By now you may ask ….”Which designer brand.???!!”  ((Suspense, suspense….)) And the answer is: It’s the super hip, super cool DESIGUAL. (if you already know this brand, then please forgive my complete ignorance to date as I had never heard of them before moving to Europe. But…). 

Do share in the excitement as they have great dresses, skirts, tops and accessories for girls, women and men.



My latest fashion discovery this morning, that’s just best for you: it’s available here.Be sure to browse beyond the first page because the girl’s dresses I saw on page 2 & 3 were just ‘awhhh’!  I mean, very nice.

Tada… may I introduce you to ….



I AM RESTRAINING MYSELF, and am showing you just 1 picture of their little dress designs, because I really would like you to have a look at all these colorful, oh so original designs.


desigual designer dress


If you are a fashion shopper, buy it. However, if you are a home sewer, study it. Their fashion line shows a thousand ways to recycle old cloths or remnants, and make new fashion statements.

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