Make yourself this Designer Ottoman DIY: a gorgeous statement piece!

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Here’s a designer ottoman DIY project for you, ’cause this project is just too good to be left alone. Look at this. Here are two ‘identical’ ottomans. One costs $1650 + tax + shipping + surcharge. The other costs $12. Which do you want? Can you tell the difference?? Exactly. Let’s make one for ourselves, just like it.

Elegant Ottomans

DIY ottoman

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The incredibly low price for this homemade piece of furniture is the use of recycled materials. Yep, your read that right, that is basically what this is: recycled furniture. I know, it sure does not look like a piece of old scrap! Ha ha!! I just adore this ottoman and this Saks Fifth Avenue-hack!!

Materials Needed for your Round, Upholstered Ottoman

OK. I will tell you the secret: the ottoman made by Feral Tutle is the first ottoman of the two. And this is what she made her ottoman with:

It is made from:

  • 14” worth of scrap sono-tube,
  • 4 recycled furniture legs painted black/white checkers, epoxy glue + nuts and bolts.
  • 2 round pieces of leftover melamine or an old cabinet door,
  • 3 pieces of wood: 2 x 2 x 12.5”, a couple of screws,
  • a stretch of batting, a stapler to tag it onto the sono-tube,
  • a round piece of recycled foam, 
  • fabric for the ottoman sides and top, 
  • 18 upholstery tacks + 18 buttons you can cover with fabric, hot glue.

About Saks Fifth Avenue’s Ottoman

This one is a classic sold at Saks 5th Avenue.  It combines its  flagship MacKenzie-Childs’ signature Courtly Check-pattern with ticking stripes.   This elegant ottoman features an eco-friendly frame of sustainably harvested hardwood and eight-way, hand-tied coil construction for outstanding comfort. It has antique brass nail-head trim and caster-ed legs; an eco-friendly hardwood frame; weights 32 lbs. and its size is 20″H X 20″ diameter. $1650 + tax + shipping + size/weight surcharge.


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