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Award-winning jewelry designer Inez Falleyn from Ineseda is not only doing a mothers day necklace giveaway at FineCraftGuild, she is also sharing with us a free pattern today to learn to crochet stunningly beautiful coral rose designer necklaces, just like hers. Every piece of jewelry is unique. Likewise, you are encouraged to apply your own creative zest when choosing colors and beads as well.

Free Crochet Pattern

Coral Rose Designer Necklaces
~ perfect Mothers Day gifts to make ~

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“Rose from Fine Craft Guild asked me if she could feature me on her website, in her series ‘One Stitch Above’. I was flattered, of course. Since we are only a few weeks from Mothers Day, I created a unique crochet necklace that would make a perfect gift for any mother.

Jewelry-Making Supplies & Crochet Materials Needed

The materials: I use a 100% pure silk thread, a sewing thread, a coral rose (real coral, no plastic) and some sponge coral beads. Beyond this, you’ll need a tiny crochet needle that matches your type of yarn selected.

Before I start I have an idea in mind of how the necklace should turn out, but nothing is 100% sure yet. The design can still change as I crochet.

In this necklace I have used a crochet tube and crochet balls. I will show you the technique for both.

PART 1: How to Make Crochet Necklace Beads
  • Start with a magic circle
  • 6 single crochet in the circle
  • close with 1 slip stitch
  • round 1:  2 sc in each sc – do not close with a slip stitch, just continue
  • round 2: 2 sc in each sc
  • Continue this way until the crocheted disk is big enough. Place the wooden bead on the disk. If you can see the edge of the disk, the disk is big enough.

Make sure the disk is flat. If the edges curl up, the disk is too small, you do not have enough stitches. If the disk gets all curly, it is too big, you have too many stitches.

mothers day gifts

Once the disk is big enough, crochet in round 1 sc in each 1sc but now hold the wooden bead in your hand while crocheting. This is not easy at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Continue with 1 sc in each sc until the well past the center of the bead. Only when the crochet ‘jacket’ starts to be a bit loose around the bead, you have to start decreasing. Decrease by crocheting 2 sc together every now and then.

Once you are near the top of the bead, crochet 2 sc together all the time.

If you start too early, the crochet jacket will be too small and there will be holes in between the stitches.

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PART 2: How to Crochet a Necklace Tube
  • A tube is quite similar to a crochet bead. I have made pictures with thick yarn so you can clearly see what I mean.
  • Start with a magic ring.
  • 6 sc in the ring and close with a slip stitch.
How to make a magic circle :: free crochet tutorials ::
  • Crochet 1 single crochet in each stitch. This will cause the tube to curl inside out, as shown here.
  • Crochet 1 round and then take your hook out of your work and turn the beginning of the tube inside out.
  • After this continue with 1 sc in each stitch. Do not close each round with a slip stitch, but just keep on crocheting.
mothers day gifts necklaces
PART 3: Crocheting Technique: Making Connectors.

Connectors start with a bead and continue with a tube. The crochet tube where I combine silk and sewing thread starts with a bead and ends in a crochet tube.

Crochet a bead as explained above, but instead of closing the hole and cutting of the thread, leave 6 single crochet at the top of the bead and crochet with these in round, thus making a tube.

mothers day gifts
PART 4: Putting Your Crochet Necklace Together

Once all parts have been crocheted, it is time to combine everything into a necklace.

mothers day gifts

And now it is up to you! Go make this personalized mothers day necklace or go to the Mothers Day Gifts :: NECKLACE GIVEAWAY – page and use that rafflocopter to the max. You could win yourself one of the best mothers day gifts.”

More about Ineseda Jewelry

Hop over to Inez’s blog or Etsy shop to learn more about her beautiful crochet jewelry.

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