Italian Design Style in Rieti, Italy

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I thought to give you an ‘Italian design’- treat from Rieti. Here are some delightful unique Italian home decorations, living room furniture designs and contemporary craft displays. Rieti is literally the center of Italy, where we went on a day trip yesterday.


Favorite Italian Design

Felt & Crochet Wool Bib Necklace


Italian design

Stylish Italian Designer ‘Support’ Sculpture

Felt Bib Necklace

Felt & Crochet Wool Bib Necklace
Afro Head / Curly Tube Lamp

Valentine Wood Decor w Red Felt Hearts
Romantic style
Romance Never Goes Out Of Style
Romantic Recycle Fancy
Upcycled Lamps with Found Thrift Wood, ribbons and tubes
Center of Italy Rieti

Sculpture ‘Italy’ Inlaid Marble

Keith Haring Angel Chair
Keith Haring Angel chair
Felt Style

Happy Kitchen Felt Flower Ring
Contemporary Italian furniture, Coocook's clock Redefined

Contemporary Coocooks Clock

I hope you enjoyed these Italian design home decorations. Let me know what interests you most: good design or where it is from?

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