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Ladders add a rustic country atmosphere to a home, and can be used indoor or outdoor for decoration.  This project goes into my ‘one day’ pile of things to do, but my step one was to collect ‘best of’ recycled ladder decoration ideas. Ladders offer great interim storage solutions: quick and easy places to put things before they are stored away permanently.

Have a look at these great home decorating ideas, which make simple DIY projects you can do in a weekend, or less.

Recycled Wood Ladders Decorating Idea #1: Kitchen Rack

This is my favorite: An airy open rack for pots, pans, and kitchen odds and ends.

Easy to implement. Lowers the ceiling to a cozier level, and offers a great storage solution.

ladder racks for pans

Recycled Wood Ladders Decorating Idea #2: Bedroom Decor

This is my second favorite: An equally airy open rack for cloths  ‘n’ things in the bedroom.

When painted white, it blends in. Can be easily moved into a bathroom as a towel rack,

or into a dressing room to quickly put up your cloths when going to bed at night.

Again, easy to implement.

ladder cloth rack


Recycled Ladder Decorating Idea #3: Side Table / Nightstand

This little ladder is a perfect lamp stand, picture frame holder and plant stand and spot to place your coffee and knitting project. It holds all.

The construction of it is identical to ladder book shelves, as the extended planks allow you to hold quite a lot of items. An alternative to a bookshelving unit or cabinet, depending on its size.  Problem I see is that it can easily get messy.

DIY difficulty level:

You must have some tools and don’t shy away from doing some wood cutting, hammering, gluing wood, etc.

Still easy, but not as easy as the above ‘recycled ladder decorating ideas’.

source: (no longer on their site)

Recycled Ladder Decorating Idea #4: Bookshelves


source: SouthernLiving (found via

Use the tutorial for 3 to make 4. Choose a longer ladder.

Recycled Ladder Decorating Idea #5: Shoe rack

shoe rack ladder, photo trine thorsen
source: Trine Thorsen (via

What exactly is not too love?  Seeing your shoes being un-polished, I suppose. For the rest. I love it.

Difficulty level: put the ladder upright against wall and voila. Done.

Recycled Ladder Decorating Idea #6: Bar Stools

barstool_confessions_curbshopaholicWhen you have a lot of identical ladders to recycle, making ladder bar stools can be a stunning idea.  

I like the general idea of using ladders as bar stools, not too sure that the stools featured are yet ‘finished’ as a project. But then again, life is a work in progress.

Ladder stools do fold nicely, so they are particularly suitable as extra seats for smaller homes. 

These are a bit more rustic than your average bar stool, so they’ll suit a particular kind of interior.

Difficulty level: Easy – moderate, but it’s a bit of work to get the details right. Involves some sawing, gluing / nailing on tops planks, using a woodworkers machine to smoothen edges, and painting.


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