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Here’s the story how this darling crochet friendship bracelet pattern came about: Was doodling in the sun this morning and came up with this. I actually intended to create a crochet edging for a piece of clothing and was just about to rip it out as I thought the flowers were too close together for this purpose, when it fell out of my hand onto my wrist. Fate. It looked great. Aha, I thought, let’s make a friendship bracelet out of it. I’ll give to my friend who I’m going to the hot springs with tomorrow morning (oehhh, the benefits of living in Italy … ).

crochet friendship bracelet
Crochet Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Don’t remember how long it took me to crochet this, but let’s just say that taking pictures and writing about it takes 5x more time than crocheting this, i.e. this friendship bracelet crochets up superfast.

Difficulty level: as hard as counting from 1 to 5.

This is an ideal project to try out a particular new yarn, or to use up leftover yarn. What I used for this is a super-soft cotton yarn. Check this yarn out here, it’s called 100% mercerized cotton yarn. It’s cheaper online than what I paid for it in a local shop. So check the link for a deal, if you like.

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Soon a version of this pattern will be part of 7 different crochet edging patterns that I’ll sell in my new shop.


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