Dahlia Cupcakes: So pretty!


‘What’s with my cupcakes recipe obsession???!!! ‘- You might ask.  No, I am not all of a sudden developing a sweet tooth.  I’m preparing a birthday party and the cake has to have something pink.

I think my friend will prefer to get the whimsical swimming Pigs in mud Kitkat cake. I, on the contrary, love these romantically sweet Dahlia cupcakes. That is: I prefer the look of them as I don’t really eat cupcakes.  Maybe that’s why I admire that pretty floral icing. I’m not going to mess it up but just look at it.  Having said this, this icing coloring is so naturally peach, that I might even dare to try a taste …

Dalia Cupcakes Recipe

recipe Dahlia cupcakes

photo credit: Robin ~ Bird on a Cake.

BTW. Did you see the hydrangeas cupcakes that I posted last year? Also out of this world, so beautiful!


Cupcakes & Mothers Day

These Dahlia flower cupcakes looked so pretty, I just wanted to show you.

Quick 1,2,3 How-to Make Dahlia Cupcakes 

And if you want to make these Dahlia cupcakes, then hop over to the ‘Bird on a Cake’- blog., where you’ll find the complete recipe. Robin will tell you all! She’s quite the expert. She wrote tutorials for half a dozen of cake designs, if not more.

But, in short then, to pipe this kind of flowers, you’ll need a Wilton Decorating Petal Icing Tip #104 and make a series of U-shapes starting at the cake center, going all around. Do 2 layers and place the pearls in the center. Done.    Robin will tell you the rest.

Now, regarding the difficulty of making the cupcake icing: these Dahlia petals appear to be a lot easier to make than the 2-tone hydrangeas flower petals, which uses another piping tip altogether, the Wilton large closed star 2D tip.

If you are into playing with icing, perhaps ‘someone’ give you a personalized Amazon Mothers Day Gift Card. Then, you could choose Wilton’s Master Tip Set as  your Mothers day gift.  While you are at the site, look at this too:

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