Cutest Holiday Pet Costume

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This is Raisin.

He’s a basenji (a hound) from Boston, Massachusetts.

I think it is the cutest Holiday pet I’ve seen this year, indeed.

"Raisin was curious as to why I was bringing the outside in," wrote owner Melody Henkel. "But she got into the spirit." 

cutest christmas pet

Raisin’s registered name is Bet on Striking Gold at Eldorado.  She is 4 points away from her AKC Championship.”

"Raisin is a doll, very strong-willed and an independent thinker, like most hounds," Melody continues, when she and her pet were chosen as Winner of the Santa Pets Contest 2009 at

"She keeps me on my toes” said Melody.

Raisin seems like a lovely companion to me, indeed, a happy holiday pet.



The Runner-ups of the Cutest Christmas Pet 2009 Contest

pet  santa santa pet
Tater, dog from Seattle, Washington Pearly Boy, duck from Goleta (Santa Barbara) California

May they give you some ideas on enjoying your pet this holiday and ensuring he’s part of the happy festivities.

Welcoming Michael, our new Pet Craft Writer

We also have news for you. Next year, Michael (guy on the top right of our new banner) will be joining us. One of several topics Mike is going to talk about at is pet craft.  I am sure you will enjoy his very fun and more masculine craft projects.

Welcome Michael!

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