Cute Toddler Booties Sewing Pattern

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cute toddler booties free sewing pattern

This free sewing pattern is for cute toddler booties are just perfect for Spring. They obviously will look really cute on, and are just that cross-over between warm winter shoes and no shoes at all, playing in the garden. As they are made with fabric and (faux) leather, you’ll be able to throw them in the washing machine when dirty. I can imagine making a couple of these, to go with various outfits.

They are really simple to make with this step-by-step photo tutorial, written for novice seamstresses. The pattern size is for about 1.5 year old, but it can be easily adapted to smaller or larger sizes. Thanks to the hidden elastic band and the velro strips, these booties stay on well.

What makes these booties so adorable, is of course your choice of fabric. What you see here is a Michael Miller print fabric. All the materials for this project are described in the pattern.

TIP: This pattern is for a simple toddler booties design. Embellish them to your liking: use brown fabric and add a fringe along the sides for a ‘cowboy boots’-look, or add a fabric rose on the side to make it girly. Sew on pompoms, or make them ‘lookalike lace-ups’. Always ensure that your embellishments are baby/toddler-proof and safe. So, enjoy the pattern and have fun!

(credit: This edited pattern reprint is based on Kassie’s blog, Going Green with the Grizls, that’s no longer online. Credit goes to Kassie for anything other than editing. I’m sharing this now, well-written, well-illustrated sewing pattern for new moms who like their little ones to look adorable (…and stay warm and clean) with fun booties like these! )

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