Easy Cupid Arrows Valentine Treats – Fun DIY

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These happy, easy cupid arrows Valentine treats are such a fun DIY. They would look so happy in a mason jar on the kitchen table. They’d make a fun, colorful, whimsical Valentines kids crafts. Or, if you opt for rustic colors and a bit of originality, an adults Valentines crafts that will be fun to shared with loved ones.

Cupid Arrow Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com

Whimsical & Easy Cupid Arrows Valentine Treats

DIY cupid arrows wtih my hand-signed Primo Angeli Olympics 'Athlete' poster

Initially the display was on my living room table. But I found a better destination: in front of my hand-signed Primo Angeli ltd. edition print for the Olympics. It depicts the quintessential ‘Athlete’. How perfect is that?!

Easy Cupid Arrows Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com :: candy

Well, sorry folks. I can’t help myself! On the ‘tree’ that is me, only colorful apples grow! So, this has become a very colorful scene… After I washed the branches and found a silver tin to put the branches in, I membered that I had a bag full of colorful feathers, left over from my Mardi grass mask.

Easy Cupid Arrows Valentine Treats

The rest is history. Walk over to the kitchen for some long-shaped candy, and voila, I created this darling, but very colorful set of feathered Cupid arrow Valentine treats. Make 24 of these (together with the kiddos) and you’ll have a fun school Valentine treats to hand out.

Cupid is sending you some love, my friend!

Happy Valentines Day!


I created some Valentine Cupid free printables for you as well, which could double as name tags. Kids will love these Valentine treats. I opted for a Valentines’ quote that’s not too cheesy and befits ‘friendship’ rather than ‘true love’. More appropriate for kids.

Cupid Arrow Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com

What you’ll need for this Valentines Craft

  • A bag of craft feathers.
  • A pack of wrapped candy with the right shape and weight. Candy that works well includes: chupa chups,  narrow, rectangular caramel candies, or candy powder sticks.
  • A bunch of twigs, that are cut about the same size. You might find some in your garden or local park.
  • Fasteners: string, yarn, tie wraps, Scotts tape… All of these will work, but yarn looks best.
  • Matching Heavy-weight Construction Paper in happy colors or craft foam cut-out triangles.
  • My Free Valentine Printables for Cupid’s Arrow Name Cards and Display Cards.
Cupid Arrow Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com

How to Make Easy Cupid Arrows Valentine Treats

Cupid Arrow Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com

1. Cut and wash your twigs and dry them on a heater or with a blow dryer.

2. Pair up your candy in color and size with one or more feathers.

3. Attach the candy and feathers together on the tops of the sticks. Place them in the container. If the container topples over, make the sticks shorter, so that you’ll get a stable display.

4. With a hot glue gun, white glue or even Scott’s tape, stick on the cupid arrow heads, and you’re done!Cupid Arrow Valentine Treats DIY :: FineCraftGuild.com

5. Cut out my free printables (I use a paper guillotine and I highly recommend it as it cuts large straight lines really fast and even.) and glue them onto colored card stock. Attach a name cards onto each cupid arrow.

Tip: if you want to add a mini-gift, substitute your twigs with pencils, for kids,  … (or, with crochet hooks for your crafty friends!! LoL)

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Originally posted Jan 2015; updated Jan 2022.

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