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This ever-so-sweet crochet cupcake bag is made in two sections: the cupcake body and the frosting on top.

Excluding handles, this crochet bag measures 12 x 11”, i.e. it is just the perfect size to contain a coloring book and a set of color pencils. Or, …. your wallet, cell phone and a make-up bag, as I sure would borrow this bag from your little girl.

Yes, it equally would make a fun trick-or-treat bag for a young cupcake princess in Halloween costume.

cupcake bag free crochet patterns

Cupcake Bag Design Variation

Personally I’d make a few design changes to this bag.

While the heart is lovely, I personally think that the top needs a pompom instead.  Also, that handle does not look perfectly right and must be integrated in the design.  What might work is to transform this bag into a messenger style bag.  So, if you  make any design changes, PLEASE do send in photos and let us know how you crocheted it instead.

Overall, though, this little bag is DARLING as is and certainly worth being featured!

photo credit | free crochet pattern : Red Heart

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