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Crochet leaves ! They all beg for them: Small crochet flowers, large crochet flowers, easy crochet flowers, and roses. Use this crochet leaf pattern to add that ‘finishing touch’ to your project with a couple of leaves. Or, for something timely, pair the leaves with crochet hearts to make yourself a wonderful Valentines’ banner.

Forgo the standard option of making your crochet leaves in green. Try a lovely cream-colored leaf to accompany your peach or pink flower, rose or … ?? And while you are taking free creative license, forget the flower, add the leaves to a crochet heart instead. Perfect for Valentines Day (, Mothers’ Day and any day of the year). So much more interesting.

crochet heart pattern leaves 



Crochet Yarn & Materials

Crochet needle: Recommended Knit Needle Size: US 9 (5.5 mm), however I used 4.5 mm for this leaf.

Yarn: I used the softest of the softest yarn ever, i.e. 100% organic cotton.

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This is the yarn I used:


Crochet Leaf Pattern #1

In essence, when making a crochet leaf, one works around a central chain. This is how all leaves are made. For this particular leaf, make a loop and chain 10 more stitches. Then vary the width of the leaf, like so:

Row 1: skip 1 st, 2 sc,3 dc, 2 sc, and 1 sl st.

in the first st, 3 sl st

and now start working on the other side of the chain, in reverse order of row 1, like so:

Row 2: sl st, 2 sc, 3 dc, 2 sc. Now the leaf should be complete.

Now, create a tiny stem:

Chain 2,

Make 2 sl st along the chain, going back down to the leaf.

cast off. Weave in ends.


Crochet Leaf Pattern #2

Cast on, ch 9.

Row 1: in second stitch: sl st, 2 sc, hdc, dc, tc,dc,

in the last stitch: sc, sl st, sc.

now on the other side: go in the reverse order: dc, tc,dc, hdc, 2sc, and finish up with a sl st.

cast off. Weave in ends.

Time Required

Takes approximately 2 minutes to crochet a leaf.

Choice of Yarn


Tip 1: Use variate yarn, i.e. yarn which has lots of different colors is ideally suited for crochet leaf, as it closely resembles the variation in nature.

The 100% organic cotton yarn I mention above, and as you can see here, has variate colors as well as full colors. Check out the wide range of colors available for this very wonderful yarn.

Tip 2: if you want to resemble nature a tat further, make one side of the leaf a tiny bit different than the other side. Eg. exchange the 3 dc for 1 dc and 2 tc. Experiment … and before you know it, you can do free-form crochet!


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