Crochet Flowers: Super-Pretty Pattern

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This crochet flower is called ‘Tahiti Blossom’. It is a bit more interesting and intricate to make when compared to most crochet flowers, which are super simple to make.

In other words: this is a perfect crochet project to take along to the beach, so pack some yarn and a needle, and crochet by the sea. Perfect.

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Yarn Best for Crochet Flowers

Buy Yarn

If you have remnants, than by all means use that to make flowers. Otherwise, I recommend you purchase your yarn here:

Go with light cotton or bamboo yarn (not acrylic).

The yarn used for the flowers in the picture is sport weight yarn. This yarn is tiny tat lighter than double knitting (DK) weight yarn), and is excellent for socks, accessories, shawls, wraps, and Norwegian ski / heirloom sweaters. However, the yarn you see most often is called ‘worsted weight’ yarn, which is a bit heavier than sport weight yarn. The only crochet yarn that is lighter than sport weight yarn is called fingering weight yarn, or baby yarn, and is about double the weight of lace yarn.

Typically, 5.75-6.5 crochet stitches with sport weight yarn will result in a 1”, whereas with worsted weight yarn, you only need to make 4-5 crochet stitches to get a 1” crocheted piece.

Why I love Crochet Flowers

What I particularly love about crochet flowers is that they …

  1. are so versatile
  2. offer a great way to use up left-over yarn
  3. make just the perfect brooches
  4. are a great way to embellish anything
  5. make wonderful stepping stones to larger projects, such as afghans, cardigans, crochet sweaters, etc.
  6. work up super-fast, giving you that instant gratification feeling when you got one done.

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