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We’ve featured inspiring crochet bike seats, crochet bike wheel covers, as well as all-covered crochet bikes and other crochet bike art.


I am thrilled to now add whimsical but practical crochet bike handle covers to our list of featured crochet bike art!  These covers are perfect for Spring when your handles are still freezing cold, but your mind is already on the crocuses in the field….



Very fast & easy project to get Spring in your head and onto  your bike.  Thank you, Heidi from Speckless for your bright idea! Love it.



How to

Essentially, make rows of double crochet in different colors.  Leave long threads on one side of the handle. When you’ve done 8 or 9 colors, try your crochet piece around your own bike handles to measure the fit. Add rows as needed. When the covers are nearly fitting, use slip stitches to close the covers lengthwise ensuring a snug fit.




Image credit | pattern source: Speckless, at
(free crochet pattern)


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