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Is it too early to post a Christmas tree? Noooo…?!! Never too early, right?! Last night I spotted this Cricut Christmas Tree among the Cricut Project Center. It spurred me into immediate action. (You know, some pictures just have that effect on me. Do you have that at all?)

cricut christmas tree ::

photo credit: Cricut

You can download the rosette Christmas tree cutting files free, however, I was on the go and not having a Cricut here with me today, I resorted to recycling some old books, some vintage paper, a pair of scissors and a bunch of other recyclable materials, that I did have on hand. A Circuit machine would have worked faster and tidier!!! I think mine turned out OK-ish but it sure is not like ‘the real thing’ made with a fabulous Cricut machine. We all want / need to get a Cricut for Christmas, right?! What do you think? Seeing this Cricut Christmas tree and now want to make your own paper Christmas tree?


Craft Supplies Needed for your Cricut Christmas Tree

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What you need for this project, to make the neat & beautiful Cricut-version of our homemade paper Christmas tree, is this:

Gives you about an hour or so of fun to make this, and many weeks of pleasure to look at it. Great personal gift as well to accompany a major gift. If you’d make a tiny Christmas tree, say, a toothpick size, it would be a great gift tag.


If you are new to Cricut machines, before you can make this Christmas tree, review our article on How to Use a CRICUT MACHINE. (Incl. tips about which one to get in case you don’t have one yet.)

After reviewing this article, come back and use the general Paper Christmas Tree tutorial below.


Free Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial

how to make a paper christmas tree with cricut ::
  • Step 1. Cut strips of paper of various height. Realize that 3″ high strip will result in a 6″ rosette.
  • For larger trees, vary your paper heights by .5″, for smaller trees, make your gradation smaller, say 0.25” differential between layers. For all size trees, choose an uneven number of paper strips, as that will result in a more abundant –looking Christmas tree.
  • Step 2. Fold the strips like a harmonica ~ See illustration.
  • Step 3. On both sides of the folded strip, cut out little triangles.
  • Step 4. Unfold the strip and twist them into a circle so that they make a full circle around your wooden stick.  Use your hot glue gun to glue the center of your rosette  on the wooden pin.   Hold for a minute while the glue dries.
  • Important detail: For extra strength, place a circle of cardboard above and below each layer. Smear them with hot glue to attach to the rosettes.
  • Tip for neatness: ensure that each rosette is attached nicely level/ horizontally on to the wooden stick. This will result in a tidy look.
  • Step 5: When you have reached the desired height of your Christmas, top it off with a nicely quilled paper star.

All shapes are included in the Cricut project file. Now all you need is a Cricut machine…

This is the latest model, and be sure to check for CyberMonday – Christmas and other Seasonal Sales. I know that this machine is currently bundled with extras for a great price. click image for details.

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