Creative Stitches and Hobby Crafts Show 2014 London Review

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Creative Stitches and Hobby Crafts Show: that’s what made my world rock this week.

I might make you jealous when I tell you that I went to the Creative Stitches & Hobby Crafts Show 2014 in London, UK, yesterday.  Even though it is a very popular show here, I had no idea how good it would be for me!! It turned out: FABULOUS!! I am completely energized creatively. It was incredibly inspiring, entertaining. Plus, I learned a lot! And I got over my fear of fabric piping in the process of making a kaleidoscope reversible eye mask, but more about that later.

Lucky me, I got in at all the workshops I wanted, all 5 of them! Given that most workshops were limited to 10 participants, and given the popularity of the show, I feel incredibly lucky here! Meant to be, I guess.  Almost all workshops were free. At the end of the workshop there were often craft kits you could purchase really economically, if you’d wish. No pressure though.

To check out all the workshops, talks, fashion parades, displays, exhibitors and demonstrators,  I could easily have spent 2 full days at the craft fair. The show was packed with all the latest craft supplies, ideas and innovations in the creative crafting world.  I was introduced to materials I had no idea existed. And, I got to make creative things with materials that I already have laying around.  It was indeed a creative day out to remember.

Now, you think I’m paid to write this review, but in fact, I am not. I did not even get a free ticket. I bought mine through Groupon for half price though.  (If you are not yet subscribed to Groupon deals in your local area, you should do it now. I see discounts from 50 to 75% off there all the time. And for bigger ticket items and events, that really adds up.)

Creative Stitches and Hobby Crafts Show – London Review Photos

Let me share with you my highlights through some of the photos that I took. As well, I’ll post the step-by-step tutorials for 4 different craft projects that I did.  Here are some show photos that were just inspiring.

Fabulous, Fabulous Costumes of My Fair Lady, the Theatre Show

Showcasing the most luxurious brocade, velvet, felt, lace, and sheer silk fabrics. Completely regal and desirable.  Look at those amazing dresses and hats!!

my fair lady theatre costumes Creative Stitches & Hobby Crafts Show 2014 London
my fair lady theatre costumes Creative Stitches & Hobby Crafts Show 2014 London

An Imaginative Fairy World

I am still try to figure out who this exhibit was by specifically, but it appeared to be made by schools & associations in the textile industry. Given that I am into crochet flowers myself, I loved this display. I have many more pictures of it, but am just showing you just a few. Drop me a line in the comment section if youw ant to see more, okay?!

adorable crochet flowers scene @ Creative Stitches & Hobby Crafts Show 2014 London

BTW. I recognized the book they had on display, as all the crochet flowers were made with patterns from this super-useful crochet book that I started promoting years ago.  Be sure to get it from the library or through the link below.  It will be just a small investment but is so worth making as there is a dazzling array of different flower designs in this book:

100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet

The Most Beautiful Hand-knit Owl in a Tree

Right next to the fairy world, was the world of the witches & fairies. Across from this display was perhaps the best of them all, that is, if you are an owl lover: look at this knit woodland display featuring a big owl. It had a tiny mouse by its foot, a squirrel on the trunk of its tree and loads of knitted blocks for the backdrop.  The texturing realized by the choice of different types of yarn was really beautiful! 

knit owl in woodland @ Creative Stitches and Hobby Crafts Show London

There is so much more I can tell you and show you about this craft show, but I am stopping my craft show review for today here. 


What did you do this weekend??!!

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