9 Creative Photo Frames to Showcase Your Memories

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It’s that time of the year that I am interested in creative photos frames, displaying our photos and making photo gifts for friends and family. Photo-adored handmade items make great family heirlooms, as well as great Mothers day gifts and Fathers day presents, right?!  So for me-my family, it’s photo prepping time!

As well, I have just scored two, actually 3 plain picture frames. Plus, I still have two shadow boxes that I am looking to do something with one of these days. So, I am looking for new ideas on how to use these creatively.

Right now most of my family photos are in an antique display cabinet. I can’t believe that I have never shown you, but I will soon. (Perhaps. I’m so private!) As well as in that cabinet, elsewhere in the house I have several other photo displays.

Let me share with you 9 Creative Photo Frames, some my own, some my inspiration.

9 Creative Photo Frames


Creative Photo Frames Idea #1: Recycled Shutter Pin board

This idea works well for photo cards, photos that are happy snaps as life happens and the photos walk into the door. I love the idea of mixing them up with post cards and cute quotes, like in this display here.

HOW TO:  repurposed shutters

Creative Photo Frames Idea #2:  Recycled Magazine Picture Frames

Nothing is as fun as a handmade photo frame made by your daughter with a picture of you two eating ice cream. What a great moment.  What a great day. What a great memory.


What is particularly great too about this recycled magazine photo frame is that it is 100% recycled, and well, it’s free to make. 

HOW TO:  Recycled Magazine Picture Frames DIY

Creative Photo Frames Idea #3:  Egg Cartons

These frames made with egg cartons are a ton of work and look like the most stylish paper roses that I know. There’s something about that thick recycled egg carton that just does it. Have you worked with egg cartons yet? You should give it a try. Give the link below a whirl and you’ll land at the tutorial on how to make these.  An eye opener. Easier than you thought. You must collect quite a few egg cartons to pull this project off though. So plan it for in a couple of weeks…

 How to Recycle Egg Cartons into a Decorative Mirror

Creative Photo Frames Idea #4: Crochet Frames

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You wouldn’t think so perhaps, particularly if you are not that versed with crochet. But these frames are incredibly simple to make. And again, they look so amazing. They make great gifts, particularly these pastel color yarn versions, for baby showers and Spring party hosts.

HOW-TO: Picture Frames Free Crochet Patterns

Creative Photo Frames Idea #5: Photo Pendant

When you have a lot of photos where the faces are tiny but the shots offer great memories and put smiles on your face? Well, those photos are best dealt with in a DIY photo pendant. You get to carry your loved ones around with you. Or, you hang a few pendants up in a room where they can be easily spotted.

HOWTO: DIY Photo Pendant

Creative Photo Frames Idea #6:  Photo Wood Transfers

This is a detailed photo tutorial and I did not want to repeat it all here, so I am just showing you a bit orange sign saying ‘how to transfer photos onto wood’. And you’ll be thrilled when you go visit the page as it will allow you to get really creative with drift wood and wooden furniture pieces from now on…

howto _transfer_photos_onto_wood

Great photo tutorial on  How to Transfer Photos Onto Wood

Creative Photo Frames Idea #7:  Silver Frames Wreath

This is just stunningly gorgeous. The sort of creative photo frames you’d see at Restoration Hardware, Nordstrom or Anthropologie.  Beautiful, a tat expensive (if you’d opt for real silver photo frames) but well, gorgeous.  If you fancy this wreath, I’d scour around a bit first. You might be able to find small photo frames like this on Amazon or eBay, and complement them with local garage sale finds, perhaps.


By: Infarrantly Creative

Creative Photo Frames Idea #8:  Vintage Window

This is more my style’: an upcycled old window with sticky taped pictures behind the panes and a soulful quote on the front of ‘m.

By: I am Momma – Hear me roar.net

Creative Photo Frames Idea #9:  Bicycle Wheel

I love this so much that I could not resist sharing it with you. Maybe it’s my Dutch blood that makes me like bicycle art so much. Did you see my other creative bike articles: Crochet Bike Fashion , etc. etc ?


By anon

Ok. There you have it ~ the first 9 creative photo frames. I’ve resorted to just right away state ‘10+’ because even below this article, you will instantly find some  ideas for creative photo frames that I haven’t mentioned yet.   Is that ok with you? Goofy? Lazy? Well, yes, I think it’s lazy, but it works well for me.  (wink).

What’s your favorite photo frame idea? Please leave me a comment and tell me!

Till tomorrow, Rose

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