Creating a Finished Quilt Block (Beginners Workshop #5)


Free Online Quilting Course for Beginners ~
Class #5 : Tips for Beginners on Creating a Finished Block

By Janeen van Niekerk.

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Quilting Workshop Class 5 – Introduction

  • In this free online quilting workshop for beginners, we dove right in!
  • In class #1, we learned about fussy cutting. If you wished, you could make a fussy-cut project right away.
  • Then in class #2 we worked through understanding quilting tools and what you really need to own.
  • In class #3 we talked about the ins and outs of quilting fabric, and we kicked-off a stitch along mini quilt project. 
  • Last week, in class #4, we take things a step further. We learned how to read and work with a quilt pattern by working step-by-step through a mini-quilt project.
  • Today, in class #5, we are going to created a finished quilt block.   (btw. if you find this course only today, by all means, start with class 1 and work your way up to this class.)

Creating a Finished Quilt Block

Stepping up from the Basics to a Bit More Advanced

Last week we made up 9 of these ‘Nine Patch’ blocks for our mini-quilt.  While we can be proud of having made nine-patch-blocks, but may be considered a little boring.  I’ve seen whole quilts made by just using this traditional ‘Nine patch blocks’ – quilt pattern. I have seen these in different sizes too.  It’s just that we are after a quilt design that doesn’t scream ‘beginner’ out at you quite so loudly. So we are going to ‘fancy’ them up a little and make the quilt blocks into something special.



Each of our blocks should measure approximately 12 and 1/4" .

We need to get the center of our block, so our next step with our block is to fold it in half and make a small crease and fold it in half again and make another crease. We now have a X in the center.

Now we position our block on our cutting mat so that in both directions (vertically and horizontally) we have half of our block.

Take your ruler and make a cut in both directions of your block along the half way lines.

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Your quilt block will now look something like this.  We have 4 smaller quilt blocks from our 1 large nine-patch.

Quilt Magic

What we need to do now is to turn the two diagonally opposite blocks so that the middle dark block is facing the outside of our large block and the two large blocks from the outer edge are facing in the middle. The other two small blocks stay where they are.

Hclass on finished blocks, janeen van niekerk free quilting workshop

We need to sew our blocks back together by sewing the bottom two smaller blocks together and making sure our seam lies in one direction, and then sew the top two blocks together and make sure the seam is in the opposite direction.

Sew across the block and join the two halves to get back to one large block. The middle seams should ‘nest’ in each other and you will get a good join in the middle.

We now have a new block that looks a little better. This pattern is called a "Disappearing Nine Patch" and you can make up a whole load of different patterns by turning the blocks in different directions.

Do the same with all of your 9 blocks.

Make each of your 9 blocks into ‘disappearing nine patches’.

class on finished blocks, janeen van niekerk free quilting workshop

Trimming Your Quilt Block Edges

Our blocks might look a little untidy around the edges, so we need to "trim" our blocks to the desired size.

You will hear this word "trim" from time to time and it means that you want to cut off the uneven edges of your finished block and also to the size that is needed. If all your blocks are trimmed down to the same size, it will be so much easier to sew them together and make everything look neat.

We are lucky with this block as it is now, we don’t have any "matching" up to do. Each block just gets sewn to the next one. If there was a continuous pattern and you had to match up corners or points, you would have to make doubly sure that the ‘trimming’ is very accurate.

When you trim, don’t just cut off on one or two sides. You need to trim down on all 4 sides to keep the blocks looking even. If you take off too much you won’t have enough to make a seam when sewing the blocks together. Measure properly first – check it twice and then cut once. Trimming is sometimes only taking off 1/8" on each side.

Finished Quilt Block Size

Your finished – trimmed – quilt block needs to measure 11,5" (29cm).

Trim down each block as you finish up with its ‘make over’.

That’s it for this week.

‘Til next time,


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