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Today some ideas for Presidents Day Crafts for you. President Washington could not tell a lie. So the story goes.   So, he told his dad that he’d hacked the cherry blossom tree.

Practically unbeknownst to the rest of the world, in the US, the third Monday of February is Presidents Day.

And as it is a federal public holiday in the US, I thought to write today about crafts to do on President’s Day: crochet a cherry tree!

spring blossom crochet


Make a Cherry Tree

Let’s confess some ‘truths’ today on Presidents day, and let’s make a lovely cherry tree.

For kids, there are many ways to make a cherry tree: with rag pipe cleaners, with dots of paper; even simpler by coloring & cutting out a blossom tree coloring page. (ref.
To honor President Teddy Roosevelt, they might prefer this stars and stripes teddy bear – coloring page by

Cherry Blossom Crochet Trees

My crochet craft inspiration for you:

  • Crochet a tree
  • Crochet some tiny colored flowers
  • Add the flowers to the tree.
  • Add the crochet tree to a crocheted rock, simulating roots while you are attaching one to the other with free-form stitches – as shown.
  • Vary the colors and sizes a bit and make a grouping of 3.

And there’s your craft project for today.

cherry trees on rocks crochet idea

Crochet cherry blossom Close-up

crochet cherry blossom tree on rock

Other Blossom Crochet Trees

cherry blossom crochet

Image credit: Blossoms by crochet artist Luisa De Santi,( blog in Italian).

Other President’s Day Craft Ideas

Crochet a ‘Stars & Stripes’ Afghan  – Good for 4th of July as well as today.

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