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Hello all! With summer on everyone’s mind now, I thought to give this week’s party + party features a theme: cool crafts for kids!

I spotted lots of cool summer crafts for kids in last week’s party. Some were obvious and I’m sure you’ve seen them also. Others were kind of ‘hidden’ on the home blog, not so spot-able from the party picture. So here are my top 5 cool summer crafts for kids that you already submitted. Meanwhile, thank EVERYONE for linking up. I always so look forward to Wednesday and your creative input!!!

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1. Embroidered Felt Bracelet


Photo credit | tutorial : Het kabinet

Granted, to create an embroidered felt bracelet that is as gorgeous as this one by Audrey (Het Kabinet) is a craft project perhaps for older kids (+ childlike adults like me). However, none said you have to embroider in a regular pattern. And none said you could not add pieces of fabric, toys, beads and buttons either. And smear on some paint and write on it with a marker. Because cool kids can do all this!!! Enjoy!!

Audrey did not give a tutorial for this particular embroidered felt bracelet, but there’s a tutorial on how to make groovy felt bracelets with fun & sunny designs: one with an embroidered/appliqued sun and another with an uber-cute mod flower. Look in the right menu bar of her blog to find the tutorial. Your kids will love crafting with felt, and you will love how this project enhances your kids’ fine motoric skills. And maybe you’ll get their bracelet as a present.

2. Healthy Snacks Kids can Make : Egg Chicks


Adorable. Kids can easily make these and will have lots of fun putting these together… and then eating them.  Great way to get some wholesome food into child tummies. This is just one of 250 different recipes that rallied up in an overview page.

Image credit:

3. Paper Mâché Totem Poles


Nothing says “Northwest Pacific” as much to me as first nation / native American totem poles. I just love them. As they each tell a story about their people, they are so interesting.

So, when Bella Manu shared how to make a totem pole using a Pringles can, some egg cartons, some glue, a layer of paper mâché and a lot of paint (although real-life totem poles are carves from wood and not as bright), I have to show them to you.  In fact, I am so inspired/reminded of their value, that I want to make some now…

As the totem animals (stacked on top of each other) each have a symbolic meaning, this is a wonderful personalized craft project that can really inspire kids on a very personal level. Let your children choose which animals from whom they would like to receive the help in the coming year.  Eg. frogs help you to leap (in math), owls let you see what would otherwise be hidden/in the dark (understanding difficult situations), horses help you to be strong and run fast. Etc. If you want a book on this topic, here is one of my all time favorite books in the world: Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. I have referred to this book, oh, say over 1000 times… It is excellent, and not only to do this craft project! It’s a reference handbook for living with meaning, without calling things ‘God’.

I guess, that’s a thumbs-up for this project. Well done, Bella Manu!

As a cool crafts for kids, I rate this a 7-9 for educational value, depending on the age of the kids. Not only can kids learn about N. America, first nation people, totem animals, and how to make paper mache pulp. They are also taught patience, and have to stretch their attention span & subject interest. Paper mâché projects are always multi-day activities as the paper needs to dry before it is painted.

Photo credit : Artclubblog

4. Embellished Felt Flower Wreath

felt flowers wreath

Photo credit (no tutorial) : Spoonfulofcrafts

5. Restyled Screen-door Potting Bench DIY


In summer kids love to be outside, and some kids just love to hammer things while there… (together with their mom or dad, of course).  This project is a grown-up DIY craft project. but kids sure can help putting it together. And painting it!!

Moms might like to have the final say in colors and painting techniques used if it is to be ‘hers’ afterwards. Or it can become a family heirloom and be painted as kids like to paint things: funky & whimsical, with lines not too straight. How you do it, it’s up to you.

The educational value of this cool crafts for kids is high as kids learn not only how to measure, saw and nail things together.  They learn to expand their attention span, as this is not a fast project.  + They are also taught the value of recycling old screen doors and other pre-loved projects.

Photo Credit :  Restyled Junk

Featured Linky Party Submissions

These features were my 5 favorite crafts for kids. There were a lot more cool crafts for kids however, so do check back at the party if kids crafts take your fancy. Which I reckon it does, given it’s summer and they are home 24/7….

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