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Want Peace at Home, in School, on the Beach, in the Office and around the world? :: Participate in world peace day crafts

OK. Here are lots of creative tips and craft ideas to create a personal World Peace Day. The official World Peace day is September 21, but feel free to celebrate peace any other day as well.

Peace Symbols, Pictures of Peace and More

These free craft patterns and designs include Peace Symbols and Pictures of Peace, and offer ideas to make your own versions.

World Peace Day Crafts & Activities for Adults

how to increase  world peace

image credit: Peace Tree InternationalPeace Symbol Tree. Feel the urge to apply a Peace Symbol to your crafty project, but not use the traditional circle with the special cross inside? There are many alternative Peace symbols around the world.

Peace Power.

World Peace day crafts

Creating peaceful group statements in public places. Organize it through your church community, your local council, your public school or sports club. 

For a fundsraising drive, bake lots of peace cakes.

Make a Peaceful Statement in the Office. Busy but still want to do ‘something’ to help raise awareness that it is US WHO MUST CREATE PEACE in our world?  Rather than to design your own, simply print any of these interesting copyright-free world peace posters designs.  Print one or print all! ~ They are beautiful and have inspirational peace symbols and slogans.

ways to build world peace

World Peace Slogans, Symbols and Craft for Kids

  1. Say it!  Collage your own world peace poster design by cutting phrases out of newsprint and magazines, and gluing them together on your own personalized peace poster. Of course, you can add  your own peace symbol drawings as well. Click on the image on the left to get a larger version of the poster for inspiration and ideas for peace slogans and/or pictures.
  2. Drawing & Coloring World Peace Symbols. A circle of friends around the globe is a children craft activity that depicts a connection between people of all races and all countries. By Crayola, complete with teachers instructions. Also consider world peace coloring pages for kids by
  3. Peace Lantern, a fun & simple craft to make in school or at home on world peace day.

Hopefully this list of ideas will get your creative juices going and your plans in action to make this upcoming World Peace day in September a really special day.


For a personally peaceful day, consider making this really cute peace symbol necklace.

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