Hiding your creative tools where you need them is not always so easy. As I do art, craft and decorating projects in almost any room of the house, I decided to go around and create creative storage zones in every room.

craft storage Creative Living Room Storage

Knitting and crochet I most definitely do most in the living room. The problem with that is 1/4 of the living room floor space and the sofa is usually ‘occupied’ by a creative project or two, or three.

That is of course aside from the fact that my stash of wool, cotton and other yarn take up an enormous amount of space in the general craft closet.

So, the ‘Aha’ arrived and ALL went into this handy dandy rather large storage cube, including all my current knitting and crochet projects.

How did it all fit? Some rewinding… See that over-sized ball of delightful baby pink cotton? Well, it’s all air on the inside of its inner spool. Doing that for several balls of yarn was enough to condense its size to befit this nifty cube.  As my yarn is now more easily available where I need it, I HOPE to actually FINISH more projects in the near future. Yes, the patterns I’ll share with you, albeit that I do a lot of inventing these days. Most patterns are my own, so it will cost me some time to recount and chart them.

Perfect Craft Storage

craft storage

When I close the lid and put a plant on top of my nifty knitting storage, none would know just how many work-in-progress projects are in there. ; A calm and tidy living room space for everyone in the household to enjoy.

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