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Even though crafting is really all about using our minds and hands to create something pretty and soulful, there is no doubt that the advent of software has made our lives as crafters much easier, and our designs / art work superior.

My Favorite Craft Software

I personally use Photoshop a lot to analyze colors and to try out combinations very fast. Of course, it is the photo manipulation software of choice (by far superior to anything else out there). And, I use Illustrator to create cards, layouts, and illustrations. I love working with these two programs in-tandem actually: I import my illustrations into Photoshop to overlay them onto photos, or similar. They are my favorite tools and I use them every day. And this has been this way for 10+ years. Yes, they are totally worth the investment. As is my Wacom tablet, but that’s another story another day, when I’ll talk about digital gadgets I can’t (or don’t want to) do with without.

Other Recommended Scrapbooking Software

In addition to programs like Photoshop, there are fabulous software packages for scrapbookers, weavers and quilters, which helps look at alternative solutions, designs and to even create final results or mock-ups. Have a look at these, as they come highly recommended by those who work with these sorts of digital craft tools all the time:

Ultimate & Print & Craft Suite

Showcasing one of the many in this catalog of recommendations:
* Greeting Cards . Start with one of the professionally-designed, ready-made templates or make your own. Choose from 50,000 images and photos or add your own photos for that personal touch. The Event Reminder ensures you never miss that very important date.
* Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook helps your creativity shine, while helping you build the perfect scrapbook. Don’t let those classic memories collect dust on a shelf — turn them into wonderful Digital scrapbooks you can share with others.
* Calendar Creator helps you design your own versatile, stylish calendar in just a few steps. Create and print calendars with your own colors, fonts and images. Choose from 500 templates of daily planners, weekly organizers, and calendars. Make a calendar in any size, from convenient pocket-sized layouts to huge posters.
* ClickArt 750,000 gives you premium, high-quality images and graphics for any project. Make your creative projects come to life, with a full set of Web-ready images. Thousands of themes are available, helping you give your creativity a boost!

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