Craft Magazines

One of the best thing of having a hobby is that you get to treat yourself with eye candy: craft magazines (and Pinterest, of course).

I once did a project of reviewing all the craft magazines that are there on the web, and created a mini directory of them….



American Woodturner
American Woodworker
The Anvil’s Ring for Blacksmiths
And so on and so forth…


Knitting Magazines, Crochet & Other Fiber/Textile Mags

I had a long list, many have bitten the dust. Now, mostly interested in knitting and crochet magazines, I’d like to share just 3 that were in that directory:

American Craft Council’s online Magazine
UK Crafts Council — this is an inspirational website with interesting fiber arts articles.
Hand Papermaking (I like paper fiber..)

If you are looking for knitting magazines or crochet magazines with awesome, actual patterns… : go straight here.