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Today’s article is about looking at the big picture. In the beginning of the year, I posted a landmark post: How to Make Money Blogging with free printable planning tools and goal charts to get your blog going on the right rails.  Start with that post to set yourself big-picture annual targets. I know from experience that it is not so easy to go from ‘just blog posting something for fun and because it happens’ to posting things within a bigger picture with a bigger blog plan, targets and objectives.   These printables were helping you to create some structure and order and to get cracking with becoming serious and measure your success in the various areas during the year.


Craft Blogging Success Tips

Today’s article is both an encouragement article and I will also give you my single best blogging for money – tip ever: see below.

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Craft Blogging Success Tips #1:

The Process of Success is not a Straight Line. Appreciate the squiggle.

I have made couple of free printable quotes for craft business owners, i.e. craft bloggers like yourself.


Lets’ say, you did your homework as I suggested in my first blogging success class, and you set yourself objectives, goals and monthly targets for a range of blogging business parameters.

Now, rather than feeling down for not meeting that exact target, use those targets vs. actual point-in-times as opportunities for business evaluation.

Therefore, it is also common, particularly in the beginning of starting to budget and manage your blog, to not achieve your targets.  Sometimes by a small margin, but often not by a long shot.  Now, don’t WORRY!  This is exactly where the ‘BUSINESS MANAGING’ aspect comes in.

Did you meet ANY of your monthly targets in January? Did you exceed any? Write it all down.  Then, have a look at why the gaps occurred. There is even a proper business school word for this: it’s called ‘gap analysis’.


Gap Analysis: Why the Gaps Occur & How to Respond

Many times, when we first start managing a business, we do not really KNOW what will be realistic targets. So, the tendency is to be optimistic (that’s a really good thing) and jot down challenging targets. These targets also somehow represent our dreams….

Two options: 1) have a look as to why you did not realize your target. Is there something that you can do to stimulate a better result next month? If so, write yourself an action plan to implement what must be done. 2) Alternatively, if you did everything you could do already, then consider revising your monthly targets somewhat to become more realistic. I suggest you only revise your targets quarterly, not monthly.

Tip: as you will monitor your business monthly, you will see that there will be annual patterns of performance: year after year, some months will be more profitable and successful than others.  Go with that flow, once you find it.

How to Be Successful

Craft Blogging Success Tips #2:
Success is a Process. Give it time.

Craft Blogging Success Tips :: on Fridays at

It is the very act of measuring the various aspects of your blog, and analyzing what works, and what doesn’t work, that will lead to success. Keep doing it.

Instant success is possible, however it’s not likely. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year; and underestimate what they can achieve in 7 years. Don’t stop midway.

As well, start detailing your action plan of what must be done to tweak those actual results to outdo your targets.

Your business metrics and analysis will become the soil for your business.

This action plan will be the fertilizer to your soil.
Go toil your soil!

Next Friday, I’m going to share with you the most profitable revenue streams for craft blogs.

P.S. Did you know that most multi-millionaires were broke twice before they finally tried it for the 3rd time and made it big? They did so in their early 50’s. You have time.



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