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February just showed up and I hadn’t had a calendar page ready for this month for my brandnew handmade desk calendar. Oh la la…

Easy & Beautiful Paper Desk Calendar

So, about a week ago, I devised this one, in less than 3 minutes… !! (Taking this picture, cropping and color correcting it in Photoshop took more time than the project itself!)

Granted it is not so ‘Valentine-y’, but then again, there are more things going on in February than just Valentine’s Day.

It still has hearts from a strip of old wrapping paper plus cut-out flowers from a drawing that my 5 year old has made. Best thing I did was to teach her own to draw roses. (Mmmm… idea for another free kid craft tutorial.)

Most importantly, my desk calendar page for February is functional. This time, I left the S M T W T F S – day strip off the calendar, but next time, I will add it again, as it’s practical to have it. Hope this page is inspirational for your own art project.

Craft Project Planning

Also, this is a reminder for all of us, to cut the background today for MARCH, so that you can use the next 20 days to get ready for next month. Tip: put the background paper in an envelop, decide on a color scheme. Any random scraps of paper and ‘things’ that come your way, add it to the envelop as you go.

free tutorial for handmade desk calendar

Tutorial on How to Make This Easy Desk Calendar

Kid craft or creative project for adults, learn how to make a delightful desk calendar for yourself, that uses 99%=100% recycled materials. Click this link for the free tutorial:

Send us your creations. We’ll post them.

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