Craft a Simple Desk Calendar – March Scrapbooking Page


This is the sequel from the Craft a Simple, Marvellous Desk Calendar – February Page, and it marks my first of 30 entries featuring BUTTERFLIES. I am dedicating March to be BUTTERFLY month, the month of transformation and Spring.

March Scarpbooking Layout

Beyond the butterfly-theme, I have embraced the theme of Easter, featuring decorated Easter Eggs. I will do some more egg things later, as well, I like eggs. They too are symbols of new beginnings.

Scrapbooking Process

I’ve gone a bit ‘wild’ here with adding embellishments beyond the square, as I found that during the month, the other two layouts, January and February, received add-ons. So, I thought I might as well be proactive here… Actually, the February calendar scrapbooking page also went ‘outside of the box’.

Scrapbooking Beyond the Page

handmade Desk Calendar

Scrapbooking Time Saving Tip

Again, this layout took about half an hour to complete, if that.

These days I have a little box where I keep ‘pretty papers’ and little embellishments. This certainly sped up the process of finding suitable pieces ‘around the house’ to make this scapbooking layout.

100% Recycled
Again, the only thing new in this scrapbooking page is the glue.

As you can see in this scrapbooking layout I have incorporated both a drawing by my husband and the cuttings of two old art projects by our niece. I have reused some old butterfly stickers and the grass is made with a recycled bag from my favorite green tea.

Your Calendar, Your Input
What kind of handmade calendar do you have? Show us your projects…. You might just get featured here.

Click here for a Tutorial for How to Make this Simple Desk Calendar.

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