Halloween Costumes for Couples : Great Ideas!

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Many of the women Halloween costumes and men Halloween costumes can be extended into Halloween costumes for couples. Here is a list of ideas how to create your own Halloween costumes for couples.

halloween costumes
gorgeous pirate woman Halloween costumepirate Halloween costume
  1. The Pirate Couple: his costume + her costume + her sexy hat
  2. Frankenstein + his Bride Costume*
  3. Ghosts costumes *
  4. Adam & Eve costume – non-sexy, good for children party *
  5. Cheerleader
    & baseball player costume
  6. Beetlejuice costume & Tattooed Lady Lydia *


    Beetlejuice Halloween costumeLydia, couples halloween costume idea


  7. Cave Couple Costumes * (Cave Girl; Cave Man with wig!)
  8. Vampire Couple with hooded velvet capes *
  9. Bacon & Egg Couples Halloween Costumes
    Click the title to order one, or make your own….
    bacon & eggs costumes for couples

    Here is how:
    One of you dresses in a jumpsuit or poncho with big, bold, brown & beige stripes. The other person dresses in a big white top with a giant yellow center. You paints your face in stripes, and your partner’s in white (or vise versa).
  10. Red Riding Hood & the Wolf Halloween costumes
  11. Jack Skellington & Sally Halloween Costumes Set
  12. Viking Couple
  13. Roman Couple Costumes
  14. King and Queen Couple Costumes
  15. Doctor and Nurse couple costumes
  16. Indiana Jones couple costume

Other Halloween Costumes

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