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Fancy this being featured in your high school anatomy class! I came across it and just had to share it on the blog! I know, bummer, no pattern for this project (yet), but leave me a comment if you think I should do at least an interview with the crochet artist, Shanell Papp, who gets the entire credit for making this, with the human hand.

cool kids craft crochet anatomy class project

photo credit: Shanell Papp (

Such love for the body!

I think it is really fantastic! To me, the material and color choices of this piece of crochet art work takes a heck of a lot of scariness and grossness out of the anatomy class, and brings up feelings of wanting to touch, love, cuddle, and thus NURTURE the body with love.

I think it ought to become commercially available as a pattern, at least. So that the entire classroom can first learn to crochet. Then they can learn teamwork by putting it all together.  Yarn, needle and size adjustments to be made, for sure… and last but not least, the entire class can give a lasting gift back to the school for others to share. All that, besides, of course, learning anatomy really, really well.

OK. I think I found myself a winner. Anyone want to crochet along with me to make this? That is, just in case, crochet artist …. does not want to do her work all over again, and make a pattern out of it?  I simply can not imagine that she wrote a pattern as she went along… To me, this is a freeform crochet art of the highest quality. And, most inspiring!

cool kids craft crochet anatomy classroom project

photo credit: Shanell Papp

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