“Dear Influencer Marketing Manager, …”

“Dear Professional Influencer Marketing Mgr, please help me to recognise you, so I can work with you.”

Now that content marketing, social media marketing and influencer marketing are ‘the new shades’ in digital marketing, as owner of FineCraftGuild (popular influential blog with a great following) I am BOMBARDED with approaches from professionals and charlatans operating in these fields.

I am interested in working with professional brand-representatives, but can only do so in certain ways. E.g. FineCraftGuild is visited by women who are interested in their hobbies. They will only be interested your product if that helps their DIY and craft projects, directly or indirectly. I’m so sorry, but they are not interested in your brand, unless you can make it their brand.

And, I can only work with brands that are very closely related to the topics covered in my blog, and that enforce my stance on things. Eg. A recycled-wool yarn is 100% on target.

Dear Professional Content Marketing Manager, please write to me in the right way!

As a bona-fide brand representative, please ensure that your communication to me can not be mistaken for spam by charlatans.

For me to work with brands, email me the following:
1) the name of the brand / product you are promoting.
2) any kind of genuine demonstration of your true passion for my specific audience’s crafts, such as your own blog, other community activities, your website and/or other influencer marketing collaborations you have.
3) concrete proposals with clear indication of the monetary and other benefits to my audience and me.
4) your acceptance of no-follow links and the fact that I will publish my personal view of your products in the context of my audience’s craft, not as a standalone product review (some exceptions) and not post ‘content’ provided by you.
5) a demonstration that you have actually really spent some time on my blog. Eg. On the blog name is Rose, so I won’t respond to ‘hey there’.
6) your website, real name with business email address.
7) other demonstrations of your professional understanding of the concept of audience-centric writing (in business terms, that’s translated as customer-centric).