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I’m thrilled. Earlier today I was approached by Camilla Arvidsson. When I spotted these fun DIY planters from cement 2 years ago, I could not locate the source for the life of me. Turns out that Camilla is not only the photographer of these so-fun planters, she and her colleague Malin Nilsson, wrote a whole book about Concrete Garden Projects.

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Not only concrete garden planters…

Camilla’s book is not only about concrete garden planters. It includes cement vases, roses, hearts, a birdbath and more. Even garden angels! And they are so darling!

I LOVE the rustic birdbath DIY project myself. Isn’t it shabby-chic- amazing?!! When I think of cement, I think of city blocks and artificial-ness. Well, Camilla and Marlin sure put an end to those limiting thoughts. I am stunned at how rustic cement, or ahum, concrete as they call it (same thing), can look.

Concrete Garden Projects :: diy cement birdbath

Image credit: Camilla Arvidsson

Concrete Garden Projects

Why cement aka concrete? Concrete is a perfect material for garden projects. It is “durable, weatherproof, impossible to steal, and it provides much-needed insulation for outdoor plants. Concrete weathers beautifully, softening around the edges, developing moss, and becoming more picturesque with age.” they say.

Garden Crafts Book on the Gardener’s Wishlist

Back to the book: It’s rare that a project book gets you excited on every page with a new idea, but this gardening book certainly does. It is jam-packed with actually do-able, beautiful project ideas to get your garden ready and AWESOME just in time for summer. It’s something to order from Amazon today. Yep! It’s free for Kindle subscribers, and under 10 bucks for the rest of us – totally worth it. Have a look for yourself: Concrete Garden Projects: Easy & Inexpensive Containers, Furniture, Water Features & More.

At Amazon, you can browse and look into the book itself. If you do, besides this DIY cement birdbath, check out their romantic decorative concrete roses to DIY!!! I love, love, love ‘m. Somehow, Camilla and Marlin have figured out a way to make all cement look so rustic and natural. What a winner! I am going to buy some cement today. You??!!

How to get that Weathered Stone look / How to Weather Concrete

There are many ways to weather concrete and stone. The simplest is to just wait and let nature takes it course. Without any work by you, naturally, your outdoor cement planters and other concrete craft projects will gain a weathered look. Read the details in the book for enhancements.

But there are other ‘How to weather stone’- options. For garden house or porch projects that are in the semi-open where nature’s weathering process is not that rapid, here’s a video explaining a way to create that weathered look on cement and other stone by simply painting it on! Enjoy.

First published May 23, 2015

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