Which Compost is Best for You?

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Because today is Earth Day, here’s an eco-friendly gardening tutorial to help green Mother Earth and to enhance your passion for gardening. Because growing fruit & vegetables is so much more so fun, when the plants reward you with an abundance of produce! And to get good at gardening, you must get your compost to work right for you.

I recently shared an article on how to make your own seed bombs. In that tutorial, I also wrote a section about how to work with clay. The answer to that (how to work with clay) is to add lots of compost!  And that brings me to this tutorial

Adding compost directly to soil is not the best solutions for everyone and every situation.  So, when I spotted this infographic that charts which compost is best for you (,your climate and soil conditions), I jumped on the opportunity to be able to share it with you all.

When picking the type of composting that is right for you there are 4 factors to consider:

  1. How much time you have
  2. How much organic waste you have, and the type of it
  3. How much space you have for composting
  4. How much yuck you can stand ;-). (E.g. composting with coffee grinds is not that yucky; and you can always recycle your used coffee filters for some amazing crafts:  https://www.finecraftguild.com/66-coffee-filter-uses-besides-making-coffee/)

Thanks to Treehugger.com for the infographic and thanks to Environment.gov and the EPA for the info. Great gardening infographic. Perfect to celebrate Earth Day! 

Composting really can be as easy as setting up a bin and filling it with layers of green and brown compost; turning it every fortnight; and dampening it from time to time.

Also see yesterday’s article on 50+ Earth Day Activities.

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